I’m Testing Social Media Tracking with GTM and Universal Analytics

The tracking for social media buttons interactions (i.e. Facebook, Tweet, Linkedin, etc.) is different from the traditional Google Analytics. So I’m here just trying to make it work for WordPress and my Genesis framework. Links for you to try: Universal Analytics Social Tracking: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/social-interactions The code I’m testing: http://technicalmarketing.io/analytics/cool-google-analytics-hacks-using-the-new-universal-analytics-js/ Please pardon the random test tweets or Likes or […]

This Week’s Learning – How to track PDF Clicks with Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager? Tag manager is a platform or container to put all your website tags (like GA code, custom tracking code, Adwords conversion tags, Kenshoo tags, etc etc) into one place. And as the name suggest, GTM is a tag management system provided by Google. So, instead of having to plug each tag from […]

How to retire in 15 years

“Why thinking about retirement now?” Said  my partner the first time I brought up the topic. This’s not unexpected – both of us are still on our way to mid-20. The topic of retirement sounds a decade too early to discuss, and we believe that our current lifestyle is as important as our future ones. […]

Eva, what happened to your site?

It got hacked. (ssshh!) So, short story short, I reinstall the entire WordPress from scratch and combed through the database. I was a bit annoyed (what happened to my Friday night???), but on the positive side, this is my chance do some restructure for the site. So, for a start, I only re-uploaded some of […]

Don’t be Stupid. Have Fun.

Just saying. Instead of worrying: Find out what you can do. Do it. Then wait. Don’t think about it until the time comes. You have done your part. It’s time for the situation or other people to do theirs. Wait for them and do something else. Realize that there’s no ‘the right way’. There’re ‘the […]

Failing to Fail

This is a note to self.   Failing is scary. Making mistakes is devastating. And the knowledge that failures are important doesn’t do much in eliminating those feelings. Truth: it is the thought of failing that’s torturous. Much  more  than the failure itself. Failure is an event. You will feel bad after that happened and you […]

This Week’s Learning: Information Architecture

I got a new area to learn this week: Information Architecture (IA). This was suggested by my manager – every couple of weeks, she gives new area to learn so I can advance in my field (SEO). It’s superb to have someone who care enough to tell you what area you can improve on. So what […]